The Creative Art: A Way of Being Summary

The Creative Art: A Way of Being is written by Rick Rubin a famous music producer. The book has 78 parts where he talks about what it means to be an artist and how to be creative. He believes that everyone is an artist and offers ideas to help people overcome obstacles and create art. The book is full of helpful and important advice that people can read again and again.

Everyone can be creative. It’s not something special or hard to find. It is a natural part of being a human and belongs to everyone. Rick Rubin’s book teaches people how to recognize and use their creativity.

Meaning of an Artist? 

Being an artist is a way of looking at the world and paying attention to the details around you. It’s a practice of being aware and sensitive to the things that interest you or make you feel a certain way. Being an artist is not just about creating art, it’s about living life in a certain way that allows you to access your creativity. It’s not about being good at it or having success, it’s about being true to yourself and sharing your own experiences with the world.

Ideas Come at a Certain Time

  • People often see their ideas come to life from someone else because every idea has a time to emerge
  • This is not because the other person stole the idea but because the time for it has come

Creation is Not About Selling

  • Creative art or creation is not about making money or selling products
  • It’s about entering a mysterious realm and sharing glimpses of an inner landscape through art

Nature and Inner World are Similar

  • The inner world is as interesting and beautiful as nature
  • It is connected to nature and a big part of being an artist is being in touch with the abundance of your inner landscape

Follow Your Intuition

  • Making decisions by following others may not always work
  • It’s important to trust your intuition and follow the path that feels right for you

Moving Forward in Your Creative Life

  • Don’t get overwhelmed by the desire to make something great
  • Think of a project as something to finish so you can move on to the next
  • Every project is a seed, and what it will become is unknown, but you can keep planting seeds in a productive rhythm.

Creativity: A Free Play

  • There are no strict rules to making art.
  • Creativity is like free play for adults.

Two Kinds of Doubt

  • Self-doubt: not believing in your capability to create.
  • Doubting the quality of your work: can motivate improvement.

Different Aspects of “You”

  • The “self” has many aspects that can affect how you feel about your work.

Less Rules, More Freedom

  • It’s better to have a beginner’s mindset and avoid strict rules.
  • Rules can limit imagination and result in unoriginal work.

Breaking the Routine

  • Experiment to find what works best for you when you’re stuck.
    • Ideas to try:
    • Make small progress, change environment, change the stakes, alter perspective, play with imagery.

Innovative Work

When you create a creative art or something new and different, not everyone will like it. This is normal. The most important thing is that you love your work.

Don’t Hold Back Ideas

Use all of your best ideas in your work, don’t save them for later. The creative ideas will never run out if you let them flow through you.

Two Types of Artists

There are two types of artists: experimenters and finishers. Experimenters like to start creating, but may struggle to finish. Finishers enjoy finishing their work, but may not spend enough time experimenting. To create great art, you need to have qualities of both experimenters and finishers.

Be Careful with Advice

Artists often give advice based on their own experiences, but that might not work for you.

Finding what works for you comes from experimenting and being open-minded.

What works for you now may not work in the future, so stay flexible and keep creating.

Don’t Try to Be Perfect

Art is a way to show your feelings and experiences, but it’s not perfect. It can’t capture everything about you or your life. If you try too hard to make it perfect, you might not be able to create anything at all, or what you do create won’t have feeling and won’t connect with others. Just do your best and embrace the imperfections, as they make your art unique and special.

Final Touch

The last step in creating a piece of work is to make sure it’s the best it can be. This may mean getting rid of parts that aren’t necessary. The goal is to keep only what’s important for the work to be great. This process should be strict and focused on making the work its best.

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