The 8 Rules of Love

The 8 Rules of Love is written by Jay Shetty‘s new book is now available. This book is for everyone, no matter if you are single, in a relationship, dating or recovering from a breakup. Jay said that he put his heart and soul into writing this book. He spent the last two years learning from his clients, researching different cultures and studying modern science about love, relationships, dating and breakups.

Why is the book called “The 8 Rules of Love”?

The book is not about the usual meaning of love, but about the purest form of love. Jay Shetty used a study from Harvard that showed that the quality of our relationships affects our happiness.

He chose the number eight because it looks like an infinity symbol, reminding us of eternal, unconditional love. The symmetrical shape also represents two individuals coming together as one in a healthy relationship.

Jay found out that the number eight is considered lucky in Chinese numerology. It is about giving back and being grateful for the help you receive. This is important for a strong and healthy relationship.

Jay says, “A successful relationship is not just about one person, it is about recognizing and appreciating the help of others.”

Why are they called “Rules”?

Jay Shetty thinks of himself as a rebel, but some things can’t be changed. There are universal rules that apply to all relationships, regardless of culture, background, or type of relationship. These rules help successful relationships, even if they aren’t written down.

A successful relationship, according to Jay, is one where both people learn about each other and themselves. The length of the relationship does not determine its quality. Instead, Jay believes that a successful relationship is one where both people learn and grow.

We want love and passion, but we also need challenges to make us stronger. Our partners will not always be perfect and may annoy us, but overcoming difficulties together makes us wiser.

The rules in “The 8 Rules of Love” are not meant to tell you what to do or not to do. Instead, they are meant to help you improve your life and relationships, beyond your beliefs and opinions.

The subtitle of “The 8 Rules of Love”

The subtitle of the book is “How to Find it, Keep it, And Let it Go.” Jay considered many different options before choosing this one. He thought about using “How to manifest the relationship you want,” but he realized it could give the wrong idea.

We often make a long list of qualities we want in a partner and judge potential partners based on that list. But this approach can mean that we miss out on a good match because they don’t fit our idea perfectly.

Jay believes it is more important to get to know the person we are with. This way, we can have a deeper connection and intimacy with that person.

“Finding Love”

The book “The 8 Rules of Love: How to Find it, Keep it, And Let it Go” makes sense because one of the most common searches online is “will I ever find love.” Although the word “find” is in the title, Jay Shetty is not just talking about finding love, but also creating it.

People are always looking for love, passion, and their soulmate, but they don’t talk about actually doing something to make it happen. This book wants to help people change their thinking so they stop searching for happiness and start creating it themselves.

“Keep It”

The second part of the book’s title, “Keep It,” refers to maintaining the love that we have found or created. Keeping something, including love, is harder than creating it, according to Jay Shetty. Many things, like businesses and careers, can start to decline or become stagnant if they aren’t given proper attention and maintenance.

People often think that if things are going well, they should stay the same. But this is not the case with relationships. Instead of reliving past memories and getting lost in regret, it is important to strive for growth and create new memories with our loved ones.

In our youth, we have people in our lives, such as parents and teachers, who track our growth and development. However, once we complete our education, we often stop keeping track of our growth and start living the same life day after day. The same can happen in relationships, where after reaching the goal of marriage, we can start to lose sight of what’s next and stop growing.

Jay Shetty believes that keeping something, including love, is not about maintaining the status quo (something received or given for something else), but rather being open to change and continuously growing. He hopes to inspire readers to take control of their own growth and development throughout their lives.

“Let it Go”

Sometimes it’s important to let go of things and people in our lives. Jay Shetty believes that the people who are meant to be in our lives will stay, and the ones who aren’t will leave. He quotes a proverb that says “What is meant for you will never miss you, and what misses you is never meant for you.” This means that everyone who enters our lives has a purpose, whether it’s to teach us a lesson, give us a blessing, or just be there for a short time. The third rule of love in Jay Shetty’s book is about understanding the purpose of people in our lives and accepting when it’s time to let go.

“Why Jay Shetty wrote this book”

Jay Shetty wrote a book about love because many people are searching for the meaning of love. Love is a word that is used often, but there is not a clear definition of what it means. Different languages have different types of love and everyone experiences love differently. The biggest mistake people make after getting married is seeing the wedding as the end of the journey. However, it is actually just the beginning. Relationships will change over time and it is important to work on them to keep the love strong. If someone does not want to be in love, they should first love themselves and have self-respect. This can be achieved by being committed to yourself and learning to enjoy your own company. The 8 Rules of Love gives people tools to understand themselves and their partners better.

“Love and Dating”

Jay Shetty believes that love is not hard to find, it is everywhere around us. He says that we can see love in small gestures like holding the door for someone or bringing food to someone who is sick.

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