Reminders of Him: A Novel

Overall Review

Reminders of Him is a heart-wrenching and hopeful story by Colleen Hoover, a #1 New York Times bestselling author. Kenna Rowan, a troubled young mother, returns to her hometown after serving five years in prison for a tragic mistake. She hopes to reunite with her four-year-old daughter. Instead she faces opposition from everyone in her daughter’s life, making it difficult to rebuild bridges. The only person who shows Kenna compassion and understanding is Ledger Ward, a local bar owner. However, if their growing connection is discovered, they risk losing the trust of everyone important to them.

The novel follows Kenna’s journey toward redemption. She tries to absolve her past mistakes to build a future filled with hope and healing. Reminders of Him is an emotional and painful story that explores themes of love, passion, forgiveness, judgment, loyalty, grief, loss, and hope. The shifting narration between Kenna and Ledger’s perspectives provides a deep insight into their thoughts, emotions, and struggles. The letters Kenna writes to her lost lover add another layer of emotion to the story, making it a poignant and heartfelt read.

Overall, Colleen Hoover’s instinctive storytelling and her signature blend of tortured love make Reminders of Him a compelling and immersive read that will leave a lasting impression on readers.

Three Life Lessons from Reminders of Him

Life is complex and filled with challenges that can make it feel impossible to navigate. However, there are lessons we can learn that help us overcome obstacles and lead fulfilling lives. In my opinion, three of the most important lessons are never giving up, understanding different perspectives, and the power of forgiveness.

Lesson One: Never Give Up

The lesson of never giving up is valuable because it gives us the strength and courage to overcome any difficulties we may face. Even when it feels like things will never improve, this lesson reminds us that better days are ahead. The novel “Reminders of Him” exemplifies this lesson through the character Kenna’s unwavering determination to reunite with her daughter despite the many obstacles in her way.

Lesson Two: Understand the Different Perspectives 

Understanding different perspectives is another crucial lesson. It teaches us to listen to others and gain a deeper understanding of the world around us. This skill also helps us communicate better and build trust in our relationships. The novel “Reminders of Him” highlights the importance of this lesson by showing the negative consequences of refusing to listen to alternative viewpoints.

Lesson Three: The Power of Forgiveness

Finally, forgiveness is a powerful lesson that allows us to let go of past hurts and move forward. It frees us from negative emotions and opens the door to healing and growth. “Reminders of Him” shows how forgiveness can transform characters from angry and bitter to peaceful and hopeful.

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