Mindful Self-Discipline

Mindful self-discipline book summary

Some people mistakenly believe that self-discipline enhances self-shaming or places unwelcome constraints on their lives. Giovanni Dienstmann, a meditation teacher and coach, hopes to disprove these myths by extolling the virtues of mindful self-discipline. He claims that creating self-discipline improves focus and well-being and gives you the personal power you need to achieve your goals. … Read more

Why you shouldn’t avoid problems?

Why you shouldn't avoid pain or problems

Have you ever felt pain or get serious problems in your life. In this summary book of “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck”, Mark Manson advises today’s generations most affected by social media and commercial culture to question what they see and believe, to grow up, and prioritise their values. He says that … Read more

After You (The New Life of Ordinary Girl)

After You

After reading Me Before You, I wonder what Louisa do when the love of her life left. Will she be sad about losing Will? Will she move on as the others did? So I am hoping to read the life of Lousia after Will left. And our dear Author Jojo Moyes surprise us by showing … Read more

Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman

Thinking Fast & Slow summary book

The issues addressed by Nobel Laureate Daniel Kahneman are both complex and fundamental to the human mind. He invites you to think about thinking by considering how your mind frequently confuses itself, distorts data, and misleads you. His style is clear, his reasoning is strong, and his honesty is refreshing. Kahneman uses stories from his … Read more

Before the coffee gets cold: Summary & Review

Before the Coffee gets cold book cover

“And you must return before the coffee goes cold. “ Kazu Author Information Toshikazu Kawaguchi was born in Osaka, Japan, in 1971. He formerly produced, directed and wrote for the theatrical group Sonic Snail. As a playwright, his works include COUPLE, Sunset Song, and Family Time. The novel Before the Coffee Gets Cold is adapted … Read more