How To Be A Charismatic Person

Charisma on Command is a book written by Charlie Houpert and It was published in 2014, October. Have you ever met someone in your life, who can make friends very easily with others even though they barely know each other? Have you ever wondered when your friends got a lot of friends when you went to a party which is full of strangers? After that party is over he is making friends with most of the guests but you barely know one. And have you ever been amazed by someone who can handle an awkward situation pretty easily with his jokes? These are all base on one thing “CHARISMA” and we can learn about that by reading this book.

What is Charisma???

By reading this book, we can understand the meaning of charisma and how does it work. We can learn how to implant charisma o our own. The author explained to us that we can create that skill for ourselves. Charisma is something that can make us a more sociable person and it can improve our public relations ability. The author told us by showing his own story to remind the exact point of creating Charisma. He teaches us to connect with more people to build great charisma. Charisma is the quality that makes us like someone. It’s like someone walks into a room and you can’t take your eyes off them.

The Elements of Charisma

The basic blocks to build Charisma is

Charisma = Conviction + Energy + Presentation

Building Charisma is a great thing that we need to do in our life. And Charlie explains what are the elements of charisma. Charisma is like believing in yourself. It’s a conviction that you can do anything you want and if you want you can conquer the universe. Creating charisma is like you need to believe in yourself that you can make it on your own and you will. That’s the perfect point of charisma. In the Conviction section, Charlie explained to us the incident between Steve Job and John Scalley who is the youngest president of Pepsi. Conviction is the heart of charisma. It is the belief that things will work out.

12 Ways to increase the power of Conviction

1. I will be okay no matter what happens.

It’s a belief that you will be okay. You won’t be dead or your world won’t end from that.

2. I care more about my character.

No need to care about other people’s opinion can’t give you anything. It won’t change you being yourself.

3. I have impeccable integrity.

There is the best saying that I like “Honesty is the best diplomacy”. Be honest with everyone you have met in your entire life.

4. Charisma doesn’t convince others to believe what you believe.

It doesn’t convince the other people to think you are meeting their expectations. Living with the other’s expectations can be exhausting at some point. Do whatever you want and the people will like you if you truly are a charismatic person.

5. Charismatic people communicate their purposes.

Charismatic people show their purpose to others and they can easily draw the attention of others. By sharing their thoughts, they create a fandom that truly cherishes their identity.

6. Charismatic person dare to try first.

Most of us live in fear of change, a charismatic person is never afraid of change. There is something new to be worth trying, try it first. That’s why most entrepreneurs are charismatic people.

7. Break the taboo topics

All of us are afraid to be the black sheep in society. They never dare to crack the restricted topics in the group chatting. Charismatic person always dares to start a conversation that can turn the attention of the others.

8. Break the rules that are not necessarily needed to obey and be fun

A most charismatic person is interesting and funny. They never pretend to be the perfect person who lives like a statue and knows everything.

9. Setting the boundaries.

Warning the others not to cross the line when somebody try to be rude to you over and over again.

10. Don’t be afraid to communicate the people by touching them physically

A charismatic person can communicate the others by touching physically like hand-shaking and patting their shoulders as a compliment.

11. Show the others you are also human

Charismatic person never pretends like they are perfect gods instead they show the others when they are nervous and frustrated.

12. Don’t be shy to admit your mistakes.

This is the most difficult thing to show others when you make mistakes. But if you want to be a charismatic person you need to admit your mistakes bravely.

True Meaning of Charisma Energy

Energy is like conviction it can be infectious. If you are truly energetic and enthusiastically doing everything then you can get a lot of success in your life. Charlie said, “your energy is more essential than your message”. It means your energy is more important than your message. The audience feels what you feel. If you are energetic about your project then your team will also be energetic like you. Charismatic energy is the high energy that is extremely awake and alive.

How to Be MVP of the Presentation

If you got good conviction and energy, there is only one step away to become a charismatic person. It is to be a good presenter. Having good presentation techniques can easily draw people’s attention. There are also ways to be a good presenter

  1. Using their name
  2. Make jokes in their favor
  3. Ask the other’s opinion
  4. Offer others a simple, flattering headline when introducing them

The author says a lot of things to become a charismatic person like how to put up your face, how to speak like a charismatic person, and so on.


Charisma on command is a really good book to read if you want to be a good sociable person. We can learn how to be a good leader and as a leader which level of charisma is needed to build by reading this book. This book can give me a lot of things to think like if we have a dream we need to be persistent in chasing it. We also need to find a purpose that can fire us up to make it bigger than we think and share it. Charismatic conviction is based on self-confidence. If you believe in yourself you will make it then you will. So I think it’s a good book to read to build your confidence and charisma to influence and amaze the others.

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