After You (The New Life of Ordinary Girl)

Life of Lou after Will left

After reading Me Before You, I wonder what Louisa do when the love of her life left. Will she be sad about losing Will? Will she move on as the others did? So I am hoping to read the life of Lousia after Will left. And our dear Author Jojo Moyes surprise us by showing the sequel of Me Before You. She named it After You. I think it means the way of Louisa’s life after Will’s death.
The Beginning of New Life
At the start of the story, our main heroine Louisa no longer live in her hometown. She bought an apartment in London with the money Will left for her. She did as Will wanted. Will always want her to explore new things since he knows her personality so well. That’s why he left some money for her as compensation for making her sad with his cruel decision. Now our girl lives in London and works at an Irish-theme bar. Even though she lives well and supports the others who need her help like before but in her heart, she still misses Will a lot. In the daylight, she pretends to be okay but at night all of her emotions came to the surface. At night time she never feels like before. She can’t sleep well without drinking and missing Will.

The Change that Happened in New Life

After one fateful night, she climbs up to the rooftop of her apartment building and falls from that since she drank a lot. So she ended up in the hospital but she didn’t die nor got paralyzed thanks to god. Then her parents come to see her and they want her to live with them since they thought she ty to end her life. But the truth is not. It was just an accident. In book 1 you can see how Louisa is a good girl to her family so she went back to her hometown and live with her family. After spending some time, she returned to London. At first, her parents don’t want her to let her go. Because her injury is quite severe and she just got well. But she insisted to get on her feet and her sister gave her full support.

People Lou Met in Her New Life

So they let her go under one condition she will attend the grief counseling section. Since they know her so well that how Will’s death destroys their little girl and Lou agrees with that. So she came back to London and attend those sections to start a new life. In one of those sections, she met with Sam who once helped her when she fell from that building. The reason Sam goes to that section is to pick up his nephew named Jake who suffer some kind of trauma because of his womanizer father. Lou and the others from the section mistakenly thought that his father is Sam. After seeing each other too many times they started going out even though she knew Sam is a womanizer.
On the other hand, she also needs to deal with the girl named Lily who claimed to be Will’s daughter. Will never know about her since her mother didn’t tell him. So Lou neither. So Lou went to Lily’s house to check on her current condition and find out how she had been badly treated by her mother. She decided to bring Lily to her flat. You also try to introduce Lily to Will’s family but she learned that Lily’s behavior became worse day by day. Lily makes a lot of things which can lead Louisa to be upset and frustrated. After Lou noticed that her grandma’s treasure has been stolen she kicked her out.

Fixing the Broken Relationship

During those hard times, Lou learns that Sam is not that womanizer Jake has been talking about. So she cleared up all of the misunderstandings moments between them. After that their relationship got more serious and stronger. And then she found out Lily did the planting only for her on the rooftop. So she went to Lily’s house to apologize and learns that Lily has been missing. So she tries to find her everywhere with the help of Sam. When they find Lily they got the answer why is Lily acting weirdly. Because she had been blackmailed by the someone who she had been slept with. So Lou and Sam help her to destroy those pictures and they made it. After those times, Louisa got a job offer from New York but she decided to turn it down because of Lily. But then Will’s mother learns about Lily and she sent her to boarding school.
In one of the gang fights Sam got injured, that incident makes Lou enlighten how much Sam is important to her. So she decided to settle with Sam when got another job offer from New York. But Sam doesn’t agree with that decision. He wants her to accept it and explore the world as Will wanted her once. So they decided to be in a long-distance relationship and the novel end with Lou leaving for New York.

Thoughts Left from After You

After reading this novel, we can learn that whatever happens in our life we must move on. Because the new things are waiting for us. We need to forgive ourselves and forget our past. And never let our past drown ourselves in it if we decided to start a new life. Don’t be scare to start a new things who knows this can leads us to more beautiful world. Most important thing is we need to stand up again after we suffer from the storm because the one that can save from the pain is ourselves.

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