Why should we wake up early?

In this 5 AM club book, Robin Sharma, the author of the book travelled along with the secret billionaire, Stone Riley. During the trip, Riley said “Own your morning. Elevate your life.” Then he also emphasised that success happened by starting your day at 5 a.m. The author, Sharma loves the concept of it and is told to wake up early at 5 AM for the following reasons. 

01. Waking up early can reduce stress

According to the secret billionaire, waking up early can let go of your stress and finish work without adding extra time and pressure. You also no longer need to rush either go to the office or somewhere, hence you have already wake up early. 

The secret billionaires also suggest that if you cannot wake up really, you should take a break from the technology. One of the reasons people cannot sleep and wake up early is because of Technology. He also said that – 

“You truly can get up early. And doing so is a necessity in your awesome pursuit toward legendary.” Waking at 5 means you own your morning without rushing anything for the rest of your day. 

02. New days, New “You”

The secret billionaires told the “3 Steps Success Formula” to do as soon as you can wake up early at 5 AM. Some people wake up early but they don’t succeed. That’s why Riley recommends following this formula.

  1. “Learning” – Morning is the best time to learn something. Hence our brain rest for the whole night, it can absorb things from our brain. By learning new things in the new days, not only you will gain knowledge and improve your life but also you will be more aware of yourself. So start your new days by learning something that you are interested in. 
  2. “Implementation” – Don’t just stop at learning! If you wake up early, don’t forget to implement the knowledge that you have already learned. Otherwise, your new days will have less impact on your life. By implementing the learning knowledge, you will get better choices and opportunities for your life.
  3. “Impact” – If you do the above two steps continuously as soon as you wake up early, it is sure that every new day will get some impact on your life. And eventually, your life becomes 

03. Becoming Your own “Self-Discipline Spartan”

To succeed, you need to build good habits. Waking up early at 5 AM is one of the good habits. By achieving it, you not only have good habits but also already master your willpower. 

“Will power is the ability to control the shot term desires; unnecessaries things and doing the only necessaries things for your life.” 

People want to live with ease and comfort before achieving their dreams. That’s why only a few people can create their dream life in real work. By waking up early, you have mastered your willpower to be one of the “Self-Discipline Spartans”.

So What do you think about waking up early? Do you think it is worth giving a try? If you are interested to read more about self-improvement; Check out the following page and you will find free summary books

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