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In Five Years, Dannie Kohan is a corporate lawyer who has everything planned out about her career, her engagement, her wedding. One day, she had a dream of herself toward in the future. She is living in a different apartment with a different man and having feeling a different kind of love. She wakes up shaken and thinking about the dream she had and tries to forget the dream. However the dream is not forgotten and haunts her for years.

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Meanwhile, Bella’s condition worsens, and she asks Dannie to move in with her in the Brooklyn loft that Dannie saw in her dream. Dannie agrees, despite her fear of fulfilling the prophecy. She also breaks up with David, who doesn’t understand her decision. Dannie and Aaron try to hide their feelings for each other out of respect for Bella, but they can’t deny their connection.

As December 15th, 2025 approaches, the date of Dannie’s dream, she wonders if it will come true or not. She also wonders about what if she lose a Bella, a person who really means the most in the world to her. She faces a heartbreaking dilemma: should she follow her heart or honor her friendship?

“In Five Years” is a novel about love, friendship, fate, and happiness. It is questioning to reader what would you do if you saw your life in five years ahead and it was completely different from what the world that you expected? It is also shows how life can be change in an instant and how we can find joy in unexpected places.

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