From Impossible to Inevitable

Written by Aaron RossJason Lemkin

“From Impossible to Inevitable: How SaaS and Other Hyper-Growth Companies Create Predictable Revenue” is published in 2016. The book offers valuable insights, strategies, and best practices for achieving predictable revenue growth.

The authors who use their own experiences and interviews with successful businesses to offer actionable advice and practical concepts. They share valuable insights on sales and revenue generation, helping companies overcome challenges and achieve sustainable growth. The book covers in various critical areas which related to create a sustainable path for the company.

Key topics addressed in the book include:

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Building a Predictable Revenue Model

Building a Predictable Revenue Model is a crucial aspect of achieving sustainable growth and success for any business, especially for Software as a Service (SaaS) and hyper-growth companies. A predictable revenue model provides a clear roadmap for generating consistent and reliable revenue streams, allowing companies to plan their resources and investments effectively. The book stresses the significance of establishing a predictable revenue model that enables companies to generate revenue consistently and scale their operations.

Sales Specialization

Sales specialization is a key strategy where sales teams are divided into distinct roles to maximize efficiency and effectiveness. In this approach, team members focus on specific tasks, such as inbound lead qualification, outbound prospecting, or account management, based on their strengths and expertise. This allows individuals to develop specialized skills, ensuring that each aspect of the sales process is handled expertly. Sales specialization enhances productivity, streamlines processes, and delivers a better customer experience. By aligning team members’ roles with their strengths, companies can optimize their sales efforts and create a more predictable and successful revenue generation model.

Effective Lead Generation

The authors delve into both inbound and outbound lead generation strategies, guiding businesses to create a steady flow of high-quality leads. By identifying the most effective lead generation channels, companies can optimize their efforts and improve conversion rates.

Optimizing Sales Processes

Hyper-growth companies understand the importance of optimizing sales processes. By continuously refining and streamlining the sales funnel, businesses can close deals more efficiently and predictably.

Emphasizing Customer Success

Ross and Lemkin emphasize that long-term success lies in the hands of satisfied customers. By prioritizing customer success, companies can improve retention rates, drive renewals, and unlock expansion opportunities.

Strategic Pricing and Packaging

The authors discuss the significance of offering pricing plans and packages that align with customer needs and maximize adoption rates.


“From Impossible to Inevitable” is an insightful guide by Aaron Ross and Jason Lemkin, offering actionable advice for SaaS and hyper-growth companies to create predictable revenue. Drawing from their expertise and successful business interviews, the book covers sales specialization, lead generation, customer success, and data-driven decision-making for sustainable growth.

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