Daisy Jones & The Six

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Daisy Jones. She loved music and wanted to be a famous singer. Daisy met a band called The Six, and they started playing music together. Daisy and Billy, the lead singer of The Six, wrote songs together, and people loved their music.

But Daisy had a problem. She liked to drink and take drugs, which made things hard for the band. Billy had a girlfriend named Camila, and they got married and had a baby. But Billy was not a good husband. He cheated on Camila and started taking drugs too.

One day, The Six decided to add Daisy to the band, and they became Daisy Jones & The Six. They went on tour and became very famous. But Daisy’s drug problem got worse. She even married an Italian prince, but she realized she needed to stop using drugs and leave him.

Billy and Daisy Jones started to get along better, but Billy still loved Camila. Daisy left the band to get clean, and the tour was canceled. Many years later, Billy’s daughter, Julia, wrote the story of Daisy and The Six. Camila told Julia to tell Billy to call Daisy because she knew that they had been friends for a long time.

Written by Taylor Jenkins Reid  (Author)


The book is like a movie in a book! It’s about a girl named Daisy Jones who loves to sing and write songs. She meets some boys who play music, and they become a band called The Six. They work really hard and make lots of great songs.

Daisy has some problems because she starts using drugs and has a mean boyfriend. But she is also really talented and helps the band become even better. They go on tour and lots of people come to their shows.

There is also a boy named Billy who is really good at playing guitar and singing. He is a bit bossy, but he cares a lot about his music and his family. He has a girlfriend named Camila, and they have a baby together. Billy has some problems too because he starts using drugs, but he gets help and gets better.

In the end, Daisy and The Six become really famous, and they make lots of great music together. They have some ups and downs, but they learn to work together and be a great team.

Aurora (1977 – 1978)

Karen and Graham are secretly dating and haven’t told their bandmates. Karen tells Camila about her relationship with Graham, but Camila warns her not to hurt him.

Daisy and Billy work on a new song called “Aurora” and it goes well. However, Daisy tells Billy she is worried about his habit of apologizing to his wife in all of his songs, and Billy confronts Daisy about her pill addiction.

During a recording session, Daisy misses it because she got very drunk at a party and cut her foot on glass. Billy writes a song called “Impossible Woman” about the experience, and Daisy struggles to get it right at first but eventually feels proud of herself. They continue writing songs together, but Daisy continues to be unreliable.

Graham suggests a song to Billy, but Billy rejects it. Graham sells the song and it becomes a hit. As the album comes together, the label gets excited and plans a big release. Daisy kisses Billy, but he pulls back, and she writes a song about it. The band votes to include the song on the album, despite Billy’s objections.

After finishing the album, Billy and Teddy work on finalizing the songs while Daisy goes to Phuket to relax. She meets an Italian prince named Niccolo (Nicky), flies to Italy, and gets married. Simone is supposed to meet her in Phuket but has to track her down and bring her home.

A few weeks later, the band gathers to hear the finished album without Daisy. Eddie is upset about the changes made to the album, and Karen and Warren are also unhappy. Meanwhile, Daisy returns married, and tensions between her and Billy are high. Jonah writes an article about the band, and it’s clear he and Daisy aren’t getting along. But the article only adds to the album’s mystique. Finally, Pete tells Eddie he’s marrying Jenny and leaving the band after the tour is over.

Aurora World Tour (1978-1979)

Daisy and Billy are on tour but have separate buses. The band is famous now. Daisy’s husband Nicky encourages her drug use, but one day she wakes up in the shower and realizes Nicky doesn’t know how to take care of her. She decides to divorce him and tries to get sober.

Karen is going to have a baby, but she doesn’t want to be a mom. The band’s record wins an award, and they go on a TV show called SNL. Daisy realizes she’s in love with Billy, but he likes someone else.

Daisy wants to stop using drugs, but Teddy dies of a heart attack, which makes it hard for her to quit. Karen gets an abortion.


The band played a show, but afterwards Karen and Graham had a fight. Billy’s daughter, Camila, and her friend Julia were there too. Daisy saw how much Billy loved his family, but ended up crying on the hotel floor. Billy started drinking again, but stopped when a guy at the bar asked if he had kids.

Julia, who was five at the time, found Daisy and comforted her. She suggested that Daisy should leave the band and get clean. Billy realized he had to choose between his family and the band, so he chose his family. Daisy decided to leave the band and get clean. The tour was cancelled.

Years later, Daisy got clean, started writing, traveling, and even adopted kids. Pete was happy with his partner, Jenny. Warren and Rod got married and had kids. Graham married someone else and had kids. Simone married a more successful musician. Eddie became a record producer. Karen continued with music until the nineties and then retired. Billy was happy, but he was sad that Camila passed away from Lupus about five years ago.

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