After You (The New Life of Ordinary Girl)

After You

After reading Me Before You, I wonder what Louisa do when the love of her life left. Will she be sad about losing Will? Will she move on as the others did? So I am hoping to read the life of Lousia after Will left. And our dear Author Jojo Moyes surprise us by showing … Read more

Before the coffee gets cold: Summary & Review

Before the Coffee gets cold book cover

“And you must return before the coffee goes cold. “ Kazu Author Information Toshikazu Kawaguchi was born in Osaka, Japan, in 1971. He formerly produced, directed and wrote for the theatrical group Sonic Snail. As a playwright, his works include COUPLE, Sunset Song, and Family Time. The novel Before the Coffee Gets Cold is adapted … Read more

Men Without Women: Stories

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Introduction The book contains seven stories about men who lost their women, either alive or dead. The stories portray the feelings, reaction and emotions of those men who lost their women. Or a man and a woman could be nothing but just business. Haruki Murakami extracted feelings not elaborated and emotions that could not be … Read more

“If Cats Disappeared from the World” by Genki Kawamura | How the movie is different from the original book version.

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1. The Devil’s appearance is not the same The first major difference is the characteristics of the devil. The devil in the movie isn’t different much, except for his personality, from the young man. He almost looked like a “doppelgänger”. However, in the book, the devil’s characteristics are completely different from the young man, except … Read more